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Chalet Park

Rules & Regulations 



Q. How long is the chalet park open?


A. The Chalet park is open all year round, but we do try to do any major works and maintenance in January each year so whilst the park is not officially closed, there may be some disturbance caused to anyone using their Chalets in that period.


Q. Do you allow subletting?


A. Subletting is not permitted.


Q. Do you allow dogs?


A. Yes, a maximum of 2 well behaved dogs per holiday home. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and all excrement disposed of in the designated bins.


Q. Who is responsible for ground maintenance?


A. The park cuts all grass and maintains trees, shrubs and flower beds. If an individual owner wishes to plant a small garden it must be maintained by the individual and discussed with the park owners.


Q. Do you allow BBQ’s?


A. Yes BBQ’s are allowed but we reserve the right to prohibit them from time to time for fire and safety reasons.


Q. Is there mobile phone coverage on the park ?


A. Yes, but not full coverage, Vodafone, O2 & 3 networks do work, other networks can prove unreliable.

Q. Is there WiFi on the park?


A. Yes - this is currently free.


Q. Is there a shop on site?


A. No, the nearest shop is 2 miles away which is Tywyn. Aberdovey  is 3½ miles.


Q. Do you have a club on site?


A. No, we prefer to keep the park as quiet as possible.


Q. Do you allow children?


A. Children are allowed and we encourage parents/guardians to be actively involved in responsible supervision.


Q. Do you allow tents & camper vans?


A. No we do not permit tents or camper vans of any kind on the park .


Q. What happens to the holiday home in the winter?


A. Chalet owners must drain the water, and also drain the chalet if not in use for long periods.


Q. What happens if I want to sell my chalet?


A.  Davis Meade Property Consultants Limited would sell on your behalf, telephone 01691 659658, or you could discuss the matter with the park owners. Local estate agents would also sell on your behalf.


Q. Where is the nearest pub?


A. The nearest pub is 2 miles away which is Tywyn or Aberdovey which is 3½ miles away and  also serves good food.


Q. Where is the nearest village?


A.  The nearest village is Aberdovey which is 3½ away.


Q. Where is the nearest town?


A. The nearest town is Tywyn which is 2 miles away.

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