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The Dolgoch Falls are a series of waterfalls between Abergynolwyn and Tywyn. The falls are part of the Nant Dol-gôch stream, which flows into the River Fathew, and form a popular walk from Dolgoch station. It's temperate rainforest mini climate produces an abundance of mosses and ferns and moss encrusted trees.  The first section of the lane is in good condition  and is suitable for wheelchair access as far as the lower falls. If you are lucky you may see the Talyllyn Railway steam train passing overhead on the viaduct that bridges the Fathew Valley.

From the lower falls the path bears left and upwards, eventually splitting into two paths. Choose the right fork as this keeps you close to the river. Follow the path along the riverside. There are fantastic ferns and mosses that carpet the hillside, the trees, and the rocks. You will soon reach the steps that lead up to the middle and upper falls.

From here it's on and upwards again but it's well worth the effort as there is a lovely picnic site at the top of the walk and some nice pools that invite a paddle. The woods are a haven for wildlife – look out for squirrels, pied flycatchers and redstarts, among other species. In the shade of the trees, besides the mosses and the ferns, you will find plants like fluffy white flowered meadowsweet and golden saxifrage.

The area was originally given as a gift to the local people and while entry is free of charge there is a donation box which helps towards the upkeep of the footpaths.

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